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accessible to his readers and listeners. He has been a tireless educator, and a large fraction of active microscopists/microanalysts have learned their skills from him.


The 1994 K. F. J. Heinrich Young Scientist Award is given to Dr. Joseph R. Michael, a member of the research staff of the Sandia National Laboratory. Joe has made significant contributions to the field of analytical electron microscopy, especially regarding issues of the limits of spatial resolution, probe size measurement, quantitative analysis, limits of detection, and the use of massively parallel computing to support basic AEM studies. He has also contributed to the field of scanning electron microscopy, where he has developed techniques to measure solid specimen crystallography by electron backscatter patterns. In addition to his work to advance analytical methodologies, he has made important applications of the techniques to problems in materials science, including grain boundary segregation and diffusion.


The 1994 MAS Presidential Service Award is given to Dr. Jack Worrall, Director of Operations for the Center of Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis at the University of Southern California. Jack has served MAS for several years as our chairperson of the Sustaining Members Committee. A few years ago Jack resigned this position to take on the job/career as local arrangements chair for the 1993 Los Angeles meeting. The overall success of the 1993 meeting was due in large part to Jack's efforts in coordinating the many complex aspects of the meeting. The social arrangements for the meeting were outstanding, beginning with the Peruvian folk ensemble, INCA, and concluding with the trip to Knott's Berry Farm. For the attendees, Jack served as our "beacon in the night" always outwardly calm and smiling even in the midst of the storm. If this was not enough, Jack has agreed to serve MAS once more as chairperson of the Sustaining Members Committee.


In looking back on the first half of my tenure as your president, I would like to say that I am particularly impressed with the core of dedicated volunteers who make MAS unique among the professional societies. These individuals donate their time, talent, and often their own resources to our society. It is primarily through their efforts that MAS maintains a sound financial base and is able to provide its members with a broad range of programs centered around scientific excellence in microbeam analysis.


John A. Small, President




Dear Members,


The 1994 Winter Council Meeting was held in Boston the second weekend of January. I would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome our new council Directors Paul Hlava and Carol Swyt and to thank our two outgoing directors Phil Russell and John Porter. I would also like to welcome Dave Simons back as our Secretary.


During the meeting, council decided on several issues of interest to our membership. The following three, I felt were of particular importance.


1) Council accepted a proposal by Scott Wight (one of our members from the D.C. area) to establish an 800 number and a P.O. Box to answer questions and provide information related to MAS membership and membership lists. The phone will be answered by phone mail and Scott has agreed to return all calls within one day. The full address and number are listed on the first page of the journal.


2) Council voted to accept a document "Issues for Speaker Support" that was prepared by J. Porter, J. Batstone, and J. Friel. This document provides a framework for the distribution of program funds at MAS meetings.


3) Council established a long-range planning committee that will be addressing, among other things, our relationship with MSA and the structure of our joint meetings.


In addition to the business agenda, I had the privilege of presenting to council my selections for the 1994 Presidential Awards. The 1994 MAS Presidential Award for Outstanding Scientific Contributions is given to Prof. David C. Joy, Director of the Electron Microscope Facility at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville). For the last 25 years, David has made contributions to all aspects of our field, from microscopy to microanalysis, that are distinguished both by their extraordinary numbers and their quality. His work spans the gamut from the basic physics of microscopy/microanalysis (e.g., stopping power measurements, Monte Carlo simulations), to the development of instrumentation (electron energy loss spectrometers), to microanalysis procedures (e. g., EDS and EELS in analytical electron microscopy), to the application of these methods to specific problems in the physical and biological sciences. Most importantly, David has striven to present his research in papers and talks that are lucid and readily









May 17 - 20, 1994

Charleston, SC

Contact: Mary K. Sullivan

FAMS, Inc.

Box 832

Mahwah, NJ 07430-0832, USA

(201) 818-1010; 0086 FAX



May 31 - June 3, 1994

New Orleans, LA

Contact: Prof. Harold Craighead

Cornell Univ.

National Nanofabrication Facility

Ithaca, NY 14853

(607) 255-2329; 8601 FAX



June 15 - 17, 1994

Burlington, MA

Contact: Joseph Geller

Geller Microanalytical

One Intercontinental Way

Peabody, MA 01960

(508) 535-5595; 7653 FAX



July 17 - 22, 1994

Paris, France

Contact: B. Jouffrey

SFME, 67

rue Maurice Gunsbourg

94205 Ivry sur Seine cedex



33-1-46708846 FAX







MAS / MSA 1994

July 31 - August 5, 1994

New Orleans, LA

Contact: Meeting Office

P.O. Box EM

Woods Hole, MA 02543

(800) 538-3672; (508) 548-9053 FAX




October 24 - 28, 1994

Denver, CO

Contact: AVS

120 Wall Street, 32nd Floor

New York, NY 10005

(212) 248-0200


MAS 1995, Denver, CO

MAS / MSA 1996, Minneapolis, MN





May 17 - 19, 1994

Raleigh, NC

Contact: Joni Tanner

Office of Continuing Education

North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC 27695

(919) 515-2261



June 13 - 24, 1994

Bethlehem, PA

Contact: Professor David B. Williams

Department of Materials Science

and Engineering

Lehigh University

5 East Packer Avenue

Bethlehem, PA 18015-3195

(610) 758-5133; 4244 FAX



MAS / MSA Joint Meeting

Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

New Orleans, Louisiana

July 31 - August 5, 1994



LAC Chair:

Joe A. Mascorro

(504) 584-2747; (504) 584-1687 FAX


LAC Co-chair, MAS Liaison

G. W. Bailey

(504) 275-8581; (504) 275-8581 FAX


Program Co-chairs:

John J. Friel, PGT

MAS Program Chair

(609) 924-7310; (609) 924-1729 FAX


Tony Garratt Reed, MIT

MSA Program Chair

(617) 253-4622; (617) 253-2112 FAX



The 1994 meeting of the Microscopy Society of America and the Microbeam Analysis Society will be held in New Orleans from July 31st through August 5th. The scientific program and commercial exhibition will take place in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center located at the foot of Canal Street in the "hub" of activity in downtown New Orleans. On Sunday morning, July 31st, you may participate in the Annual 5K Run/Walk or in the Annual Golf Tournament at the Audubon Golf Course located in uptown New Orleans, immediately across the street from Tulane University. The Sunday Opening Reception will be held at the New Orleans Aquarium of the Americas which is adjacent to Woldenberg Park, a beautiful green space overlooking the Mississippi River. The evening will include leisure tours of the aquarium, spicy NewOrleans food, and great jazz music. The Exhibitor's Mixer will take place on Wednesday afternoon, August 3rd, in the exhibit hall of the convention center. Many possibilities exist for special excursions including: Afternoon at City Park and New Orleans Museum of Art; Antebellum Delight - A Visit to Oak Alley Plantation; Taste of New Orleans - General Tour of New Orleans with Lunch at Arnaud's; Trip to New Orleans Zoo by Riverboat.

MAS/MSA Cruise Social


Please see next page.


Meeting Registration


Please see registration clarification on next page.


If you would like to attend the MSA/MAS Meeting in New Orleans, and have not received a Registration Bulletin, please contact the office below.


Meeting Office

P.O. Box EM

Woods Hole, MA 02543


(508)548-9053 FAX


Preliminary Technical Program

(Chairs and Invited Speakers)




Joint MAS / MSA Symposia:

Computational Methods in Microscopy

Chairs: J. McCarthy, NORAN Instruments / W. Carrington, U. Mass. Medical School

A. Romig (Sandia) - Monte Carlo Methods

Scanned Probe Microscopies

Chairs: I. Musselman, UT-Dallas / J. Hoh, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

E. Betzig (AT&T Bell Labs) - Applications of Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy

D. Bonnell (U. of Penn.) - Atomic Scale Imaging of Wide Bandgap Oxides

H. Gaub (Tech. U. of Munich) - Force Modulation and Biomechanical Measurements with the AFM

E. Henderson (Iowa State U.) - Biological AFM: Chromatin and Neural Synapses

J. Hoh (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine) - Forces Near Biological Membranes

M. Tortonese (Park Scientific Instruments) - Atomic Force Microscopy with Piezo Resistive Cantilevers

Z. Shao (U. of Virginia) - Atomic Force Microscopy of Phospholipid Membranes: from Domains to Ripples to Interdigital States

Low-Voltage and FEG-SEM

Chairs: M. Rosenfield, IBM / R. Apkarian, Emory

O. Wells (IBM) - Low-Voltage Low-Loss Imaging of Poorly Conducting Samples

R. P. Apkarian - Imaging of Isolated Molecules, Viruses, Organelles and Cell Membrane Domains Using In-Lens FESEM

T. D. Allen

R. Albrecht

R. Hermann

Analytical Electron Microscopy

Chairs: J. Michael, Sandia / M. Libera, Stevens Institute

J. Howe

C. Lyman

D. Newbury

L. Reimer

J. Silcox

L. Swanson

R. Vincent

P. Crozier

M. Rhuele


MAS Techniques Sessions:

Presidential Symposium on Chemical Microanalysis

Chair: J. Small, NIST

G. Gillen (NIST) - Chemical Imaging with Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

J. Armstrong (Cal Tech) - Electron Probe Microanalysis

P. Russell (North Carolina State U.) - Scanning Probe Microscopies

J. Hunt (Gatan) - Parallel Electron Energy Loss

J. Reffner (Spectra-Tech) - FTIR/Optical Microanalysis

B. York (IBM) - Micro-Diffraction

Quantitative Microanalysis

Chair: E. Lifshin, GE

Optical Microanalysis

Chair: J. Reffner, Spectra-Tech

Environmental SEM

Chair: R. Bolon, GE / J. Mansfield, U. Mich. / S. McKernan, U. Minn.

Microbeam Mass Spectrometry

Chair: S. Novak, Evans East

M. Geva (AT&T Bell Labs) - Using SIMS in the Microelectronics Industry

R. Odom (Charles Evans) - New Developments in TOF-SIMS for Surface Analysis

D. Leta (Exxon) - SIMS Imaging of Catalysts and other Insulating Materials

Quality Assurance of Microanalytical Methods

Chair: D. Newbury, NIST / E. Steel, NIST


Cathode Technology Today and Tomorrow

Chair: F. Schamber, RJ Lee Group

C. Crawford (Kimball Physics) - Thermionic Cathode Technology

J. Wall (Brookhaven) - Cold Field-Emission Sources

L. Swanson (FEI Co.) - Schottky Sources

J. Spence (Arizona State U.) - Low Voltage Nanometer-Scale Sources

N. MacDonald (Cornell U.) - Micro-Fabricated Field Emitter Arrays


Chair: F. Schamber, RJ Lee Group

Micro XRD / XRF

Chair: B. York, IBM


MAS Applications Sessions:

Materials Applications

Chair: B. Carter, U. Minn.

Geological Applications

Chair: S. Mehta, Arco / P. Hlava, Sandia

P. Carpenter (Cal Tech) - EPMA Analysis of Gemstones

S. Bergman (Arco) - Apatite Composition and Fission Track Geochronology

Biological Applications

Chair: M. Bond, Cleveland Clinic

C. Moravec (Cleveland Clinic) - Measurement of Calcium During the Contractile Cycle in the Failing and Non-Failing Heart

W. G. Wier (U. of Maryland) - Measuring Ca2+ in Living Cells with Fluorescent Ca2+ Indicators

J. Fernandez (Mayo Clinic) - Pulsed Laser Imaging of Rapid Calcium Signaling in Excitable Cells

P. Ingram (Research Triangle Institute) - Interactive Multi-Spectral X-Ray Imaging: Application to Ca2+ Quantitation

S. B. Andrews (NIH) - Imaging and Analysis in the Field Emission STEM

G. Legge (U. Melbourne) - Potential and Performance of Proton Microprobes

A. Marshall (La Trobe U. Australia) - Light Element Microanalysis in Biology


MAS Topical Sessions:

X-ray and Image Analysis in the Petroleum Industry

Chair: E. Prestridge, PGT

W. Lamberti (Exxon) - Microanalytical Methods in the Petroleum Research Laboratory

M. Leonowicz (Mobil) - Electron Diffraction and X-ray Microanalysis of Zeolite Catalysts

Microanalysis of Coatings and Interfaces

Chair: J. Goldstein, U. Mass.

C. Drewien (Sandia) - AEM/SEM of Coatings

K. Barmak (Lehigh U.) - Thin Film Interfaces

B. Smith (Lehigh U.) - Ternary Diffusion Profiles in Coatings



MSA General Symposia:

Presidential Symposium: Microscopy Towards the 21st Century

Chair: R. Cardell, U. Cincinnati

W. R. Brinkley - Funding of Microscopy in the 21st Century

M. Isaacson - Optical Microscopy in the 21st Century

K. A. Fisher - Scanning Probe Microscopy in the 21st Century

S. L. Erlandsen - The Role of Field-Emission SEM in the 21st Century

M. H. Ellisman - The Merger of Microscopy and Advanced Computing: a New Frontier for the 21st Century

X-ray Microscopy

Chair: C. Jacobsen, SUNY Stony Brook

H. Ade - Polymer Science Problems Investigated by NEXAFS Microscopy

C. Buckley - The Remodelling of Bone in the Region of Bioactive Implants

L. DaSilva - X-ray Laser Microscopy of Labeled Sperm Nuclei

G. Ice - Materials Science Microprobe

M. Moronne - Development of Fluorescent Probes for X-ray Microscopy

M. Rivers - X-ray Microprobe for Geology

J. Thieme - X-ray Microscopy Studies with the Gottingen Microscopes at BESSY

S. Williams - Structural and Compositional Conservation in Mitotic Chromosomes

B. York - Laboratory X-ray Microprobe

X. Zhang - XANES: Chemical Mapping in Biological System using STXM


Direct Digital Imaging

Chair: G. Fan

K-H Herrmann - On-Line Image Readout in CTEM

D. Shindo - Applications of the Imaging Plate

D. C. Joy - Monte Carlo Simulations of Resolution and Efficiency of Electron Scintillators

M. O'Keefe - On-Line Digital Imaging at 1MeV

M. Pan - Low-Dose High Resolution Imaging with Slow Scan CCD Camera

J. Yang

P. Mooney - Practical Aspects of Slow-Scan CCD Camera Design

G. Fan - High Performance Transmission Scintillating Screen for TEM

Energy Filtered Imaging and EELS

Chair: R. Carpenter, Arizona State U.


Advances in Instrumentation for Light Microscopy

F. Lanni - Applications of Standing Wave Fluorescence Microscopy in Biological Research

E. Gratton - Fluorescence Lifetime Microscopy

L. Harris - Automated Interactive Microscope

P. Treado - New Frontiers in Multispectral Chemical Imaging

Computational Methods in Microscopy

Chair: B. Carrington / N. Zaluzec, Argonne

C. S. Potter - Towards a Neuroscope: Evaluating Brain Function with MRI

D. L. Taylor - Dynamic Imaging of the Structure of Living Cells

O. Saxton

Computer Software Exchange

Chair: N. Zaluzec, Argonne




MSA Physical Symposia:

Atom Probe and 3-D Atom Probe Microscopy

Chair: T. Kelley / P. Camus, U. Wisconsin

G. D. W. Smith - Position Sensitive Atom Probe

M. K. Miller - APFIM of Materials

P. P. Camus - The Theoretical Underpinnings of Atom Probe/Field Ion Microscopy

B. Deconihot - The Tomographic Atom Probe


Chair: L. Allard, ORNL / D. Joy, U. Tennessee

S. Erlandsen - Digital Imaging in the Hitachi S-900 FESEM and Detection of Radiation Damage

J. Butler - Ultra-High Resolution Low Voltage Imaging of Polymers

D. Vezie - Comparison of Low Voltage Ultra-High Resolution SEM to Other Polymer Morphological Characterization Techniques

M. Scheinfein - Secondary Electron Generation in the SEM

D. C. Joy - Image Simulation for Ultra-High Resolution SEM

A. K. Datye - UHR-SEM of Catalytic Materials

R. Wepf

Self-assembled Materials

Chair: R. Spontak, North Carolina State U.

M. Sarikaya

J. Zasadzinski

D. Siegel

M. Disko

B. R. Heywood

R. J. Spontak

Microscopy of Ferro-electric Materials

Chair: J. Speck, UCSB

L. E. Cross - Interesting Problems in Ferroelectric Systems

G. Thomas - Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis of Ferroelectric and Multilayer Oxides

M. Harmer - Investigation of Ferroelectrics Using Conventional and in situ Electron Microscopy

W. Mader - Determining Crystal Polarity in the Electron Microscope

C. Randall - Mesoscopic Crystallography in Ferroelectrics and Related Materials

D. Viehland - Electron Microscopy Studies of La-modified and Sn-modified Lead Zirconate Titanate Ceramics

T. Egami - Atomic Pair Correlation Function Approach to Relaxor Ferroelectrics Using Neutrons and X-rays

S. McKinstry - Spectroscopic Ellipsometry of Ferroelectric Surfaces and Thin Films

A. Kingon - A TEM Study of Microstructures in Ferroelectric Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 and KNbO3 Thin Films

T. J. Headley - Microstructural Development in Sol-Gel Derived PZT Thin Films

M. McCartney - Microstructural Development of Sol-Gel Derived Thin Film Oxide Ferroelectrics

E. Goo - Epitaxial Ferroelectric Thin Films

D. C. Joy - Electron Holography of Ferroelectric Materials

A. Tonomura - Applications of Holography

V. Dravid

J. Cowley - Reflection Electron Microscopy of Ferroelectric Domain Boundaries

F. Tsai - Reflection Electron Microscopy of Ferroelectric Domain Boundaries

W. Cao - Theory of Domains and Microdomains in Ferroelectrics

Crystallographic and Texture Analysis

Chair: J. Sutliffe, GE

D. Joy - Channelling in and Channelling Out - the Origin of EBSP and ECP Contrast

D. Slavik - Identifying Fracture Mechanisms using the EBSP Technique

H. Weiland - Application of Microtexture Analysis for Materials Characterization using SEM and TEM Techniques

T. Furu - Electron Backscattering Pattern (EBSP) as a Powerful Tool in Studying Basic Mechanisms of Recrystallization of Metals

J. Sutliffe - Electron Diffraction in the SEM: A New Requirement for Materials Research

J. Michael - Developments in Crystallographic Phase Identification in the SEM: Backscattered Electron Kikuchi Patterns

B. Adams - Orientation Imaging of Microstructures

D. Dingley - Advances in Strain Measurement using EBSP

V. Randle - Mesotexture: the Texture Between Grains and Surfaces

J. Venables - Diffraction Techniques in UHV-SEM and STEM



M. Vaudin - Texture and Microtexture in Ceramics

S. Wright - A Review of Automatic Indexing of Electron Backscatter Diffraction Patterns

D. J. Jensen

Watanabe - The Application of Electron Channelling Pattern (ECP) Technique to Grain Boundary Studies

Using Electron Diffraction in the SEM Developments and Applications of HREM

A. Ourmazd - Measuring Projected Potential, Composition and Surface Roughness by HREM

J. Howe - HREM Analysis of Mechanisms and Kinetics of Interfacial Motion

F-R Chen - Atomic Faceting of NiSi2 Interfaces Studied by HREM

M. Ruhle - Quantitative HREM at High Voltage: Recent Progress and Future Opportunities

W. King

D. J. Smith

W. Coene - Focal Series HREM for Quantitative Analysis of Materials

K. Merkle - Measuring Rigid Shifts at Interfaces by HREM

S. Pennycook - Applications of Z-contrast HREM to Interfaces in Materials




MSA Biological Symposia:

Advances in Macromolecular Microscopy

Chair: W. Chiu, Baylor U.

M. Van Heel - 3-D Reconstruction of Large Oligomeric Oxygen Carriers

M. F. Schmid - Acrosomal Bundle Filament Structure

B. Jap - Structural Refinement in Electron Crystallography

P. L. Stewart - Bridging the Resolution Gap Between X-ray Crystallography and Electron Microscopy

E. Egelman - Universal Structures in Genetic Recombination

W. Chiu - High Resolution Studies of Biological Assemblies with 400kV Cryomicroscopy

Advances in Fluorescence Probes for Microscopy

Chair: M. Poenie, UT-Austin

M. Poenie

R. Tsien

E. Etter

L. Loew

Advances in Diagnostic Imaging

Chair: B. Herman

H. Tenke - Image Analysis of FISH Stained Specimen: a New Diagnostic Tool in Genetics and Oncology

B. Trask - Organization of Interphase and Metaphase Chromosomes Studied by Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization

J. Gray - Digital Imaging Microscopy for Molecular Cytogenetics

B. Herman - Automated Fluorescence Imaging Cytometry for the Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer


Tomographic Methods in Biological Microscopy

Chair: M. Ellisman

Organization of the Cell Nucleus

Chair: D. Spector, CSHL

T. Allen - The Nuclear Pore-Complex

J. W. Sedat - 3-D Organization of Chromosomes

D. L. Spector - Nuclear Subcompartments Involved in Transcription and Pre-mRNA Processing

K. Brasch - The Nucleolus and Nuclear Bodies

Microanalytical Approaches to Systems Neurobiology

Chair: C. Greer, Yale

C. Greer

J. Price

J. Kinnamon

M. Whitehead

B. Menco

Cellular Neurobiology

Chair: M. Martone, UCSD

P. Guthrie - Dynamics of Calcium Control in Local Compartments

A. Cornell-Bell - Neurotransmitters, Astrocytes and Calcium Waves

M. Martone - Organization of Calcium Regulatory Proteins in the Endoplasmic Reticulum

S. Brady - Molecular Motors and Fast Axonal Transport

D. Kelly - Androgen Induces Plasticity at a Vocal Neuromuscular Synapse

C. Wolley








New Network Newsgroups.


On the tail of the last Mousin' Around, which covered The Microscopy Mailing List, the news for this issue is The News. The News I am referring to is Usenet News. Some of you may be asking: "What is Usenet News?" Well, for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Usenet News is essentially an electronic conferencing/discussion network. News messages are passed around the network from one computer system to another. Many of these systems are on the Internet, but many are not. The Usenet network extends further than the physical network of the Internet. There are many computers that participate in Usenet News that are connected by dial-up modem connections. It is not necessary to have an Internet connection to have access to Usenet.


Usenet is not a new system, it has been in place for many years. In contrast to email, Usenet News is not distributed to an individuals account, but rather to a server at a particular institution (be it a government lab, university or private company) that can then be accessed by individuals who are at that institution (or are permitted to dial in). On Usenet, messages are posted to newsgroups that are designed to cover a particular topic. There are a number of rather general subject categories into which the newsgroups are divided, e.g. comp for computer, rec for recreational and sci for scientific. The newsgroups within each subject category cover a wide variety of fields and serve as forums for questions and answers and general informational postings. There are many hundreds of worldwide newsgroups, i.e. groups that are distributed around the world, and then there also are groups that are only distributed locally. Examples of specific newsgroups are rec.windsurfing, comp.sys.mac.digest (an Apple Macintosh question and answer digest), sci.physics (a physicists forum).


What makes Usenet News worth mentioning here is that there are five new newsgroups in the sci hierarchy that may be of considerable interest to MAS members. These are sci.techniques.microscopy, sci.techniques.xtallography, sci.techniques.spectroscopy, sci.materials and sci.polymers. Since their inception in the latter part of 1993, these newsgroups have rapidly become excellent places to ask questions, post answers, discuss problems, announce conferences, post journal abstracts listings and post vacant positions. Society news and information will also be posted to sci.techniques.microscopy and so MAS members are encouraged to read this newsgroup and join in the discussions and information exchanges.


Postings to each newsgroup are stored on the institution's local NNTP (sorry guys I don't what this acronym is short for, unless it is Network News Transport Protocol!) server and distributed to other sites. So, if you want to use Usenet News you need access to an NNTP server and news reading/posting software to run on your local computer, workstation or terminal. You should contact your local network administrator and ask them if you have access to a Usenet feed and which net-news software they recommend for the machine you use. If they do not have access, ask them why not! The functionality of each news program is best explained by a local expert. I cannot possibly go into all of the details of even one news program here. Suffice it to say, however, if you have access to a news posting and reading program and access to the accompanying NNTP server, you can post articles, questions and information to be read by people around the world.


Some questions remain: Why News and not just Email? After all, we have the Microscopy Mailing List, so why not just email the messages to interested parties? Well, this assumes that the addresses of all the interested parties are known. Mailing lists are a common way of maintaining a discussion group and the main advantage of News over email mailing lists is the messages reside on a remote machine and do not fill up your mailbox. Some people have severely restricted mailbox size allocations and the output from a mailing list can swamp them and prevent them from receiving other mail. With Usenet you only download the News you want to read. You can subscribe to a small subset of the total newsgroups and selectively scan through those. You may view all of the subjects of the articles in a group before you read any of them.








For those of you who have a strong preference for email or Usenet and would like to use just one of them, the author and Nestor Zaluzec (who maintains the Microscopy Mailing List) are working on a modification of the list that will forward each message posted to it to Usenet and take messages posted to Usenet News and forward them to the mailing list. This modification should be in place by the middle of this year. Until then, the author will forward conference and course information and journal abstract postings between the two systems. If you have questions about sci.techniques.microscopy, send email to



I can't get to the Internet, what do I do?

The one major complaint about Net News is that it is not accessible unless you have a connection to the Internet. This is not true. Some of the dial-up bulletin board systems have Usenet feeds. You should check with your local computer users group to find out how you can get access to Usenet. You might find it most cost effective and flexible to pay for a dial-up Internet connection. A connection used to be an expensive proposition, however, these days it can be as reasonably priced as Compuserve or the other dial-up network services. For example, "The World" (1-617-739-0202) charges $20 per month for 20 hours of connect time to Internet services. Another provider "The WELL" (Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link - 1-415-332-4335) charges $15 per month and $2 per hour for use. For a local provider please call the InterNIC Information Services at 1-800-444-4345.





So far, I have had very little response from the Affiliated Societies to my letter of September 1, 1993 and the announcements in Microbeam Analysis. I am asking the rest of the societies to contact me as soon as possible, even if they don't plan to host a tour speaker. I need to know from those Affiliated Societies who plan to host a speaker, which tour speaker they desire and when. As soon as I get enough societies to respond I will be able to arrange Tour Speaker trips. The three or four I've heard from just isn't enough. Below is listed the slate of Tour Speakers available, with their affiliations and the titles of their talks. It would be nice if the contact people would call and tell me that they are planning a meeting on XX and the date and speaker will be chosen then.


Dave Bright, NIST

Image Processing and Free Software for the Microscopist


Jon McCarthy, NORAN

The Effect of Detector Dead Layer on Light Element Detection


Cindy Zeissler, NIST

Preparation Methods for Particle Analysis (Picking Particle Preparation Procedures to Prevent Painful Problems)




VCH Publishers, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of classified advertising in the MicroNews section of Microbeam Analysis. The rates will be $50.00 per line, 54 characters per line with a 4 line minimum. The deadline for submittal is the first of the month preceding the publication of the next issue (e.g. June 1st for July/August issue, etc.). To place an ad please call: Michael Croy, Advertising Sales Department, VCH Publishers, Inc., 220 E. 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010 Tel. (212) 683-8333, Fax (212) 481-0897.





Four ARL-SEMQ Electron Microprobes Reconditioned like new, 4-6 WDS scanning spectrometers, 52.5 degree takeoff. G. W. Electronics BSE system, Kevex EDS detector, Updated with our Micro-3WD automation system which includes WDS, EDS, Digital Imaging, Image Analysis, and high speed optical servo motors. Includes 1 year warranty. Call for demo disks, prices and more information. Advanced MicroBeam, Inc. Phone: 216-394-1255, Fax: 216-394-1834.





John A. Small

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Bldg. 222, Rm. A113

Gaithersburg, MD 20899

(301)975-3900 FAX: (301)216-1134



Thomas G. Huber


11 Dearborn Road

Peabody, MA 01960

(508)535-5900 FAX:(508)536-2205



Jon McCarthy

NORAN Instruments, Inc.

2551 W. Beltline Highway

Middleton, WI 53562

(608)831-6511 FAX: (608)831-2313



Harvey A. Freeman

958 Long Pond Road

Brewster, MA 02631-1898




David S. Simons

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Bldg. 222, Rm. A113

Gaithersburg, MD 20899

(301)975-3903 FAX: (301)216-1134




Dale E. Johnson (1992-1994)

Graduate School AG-10

University of Washington

Seattle, WA 98195

(206)543-5900 FAX: (206)685-3234


Joseph R. Michael (1992-1994)

Sandia National Laboratories

Div. 1822, M. S. 0342

Albuquerque, NM 87185-0342

(505)844-9115 FAX: (505)844-1778 or 7910


Joanna L. Batstone (1993-1995)

IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

P. O. Box 218

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

(914)784-7674 FAX: (914)784-6324

Charles E. Lyman (1993-1995)

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Whitaker Lab

5 East Packer Avenue

Lehigh University

Bethlehem, PA 18015

(215)758-4249 FAX: (215)258-4244


Paul F. Hlava (1994-1996)

Sandia National Laboratories

Div. 1822, M. S. 0342

Albuquerque, NM 87185-0342

(505)844-1890 FAX: (505)844-1778 or 7910

Carol Swyt (1994-1996)

3E66 Building 13



Bethesda, MD 20892

(301) 975-3926 FAX: (301)216-1134




Accountant, Dues and Mailing List

VCH Publishers, Inc.

303 NW 12th Avenue

Deerfield Beach, FL 33422-8824

(800)367-8249 FAX: (305)428-8201

Affiliated Groups

V. E. Shull


Paul Hlava (Vice-Chair) (see Directors)

(505)844-1890 FAX: (505)844-1778 or 7910



Awards Committee for MAS 1994

Dale E. Johnson (see Directors)

(206)543-5900 FAX: (206)685-3234

Joseph R. Michael (see Directors)

(505)844-9115 FAX: (505)844-1778


Computer Activities Committee

John F. Mansfield

University of Michigan, North Campus

2455 Hayward

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2143

(313)936-3352 FAX: (313)763-5567


Paul Carpenter


(818)356-6126 FAX: (818)568-0935


Conference Proceedings Inventory

C. Susskind

San Francisco Press, Inc.

Box 6800

San Francisco, CA 94101-6800



Corporate Liason Committee

Thomas G. Huber


11 Dearborn Road

Peabody, MA 01960

(508)535-5900 FAX:(508)536-2205


Education Committee

Phillip E. Russell

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

P.O. Box 7916

North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC 27695-7916

(919)515-7501 FAX: (919)515-2932


Finance Committee, Archivist

Gordon Cleaver

GE Vallecitos Nuclear Center

P. O. Box 460, MC V08

Pleasanton, CA 94566

(510)862-4320 FAX: (510)862-4244



Art Chodos

P. O. Box 1014

Monrovia, CA 91017-1014

(818)357-0183 FAX: (818)568-0935

(for Federal Express or UPS)

302 Acorn Circle

Monrovia, CA 91016-1807


International Liaison

David B. Williams

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Whitaker Laboratory

5 East Packer Avenue

Lehigh University

Bethlehem, PA 18015-3195

(215)758-4224 FAX: (215)758-4244


Long Range Planning Committee

Alton D. Romig, Jr.

Material and Process Sciences

Sandia National Laboratories

Albuquerque, NM 87185-5800



MAS-MSA Liason, Nominations and

Presidents Award

John A. Small (see President)

(301)975-3900 FAX: (301)216-1134


Microbeam Analysis Journal

Richard W. Linton, Editor-in-Chief

Department of Chemistry - CB3290

University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3290

(919)962-2152 FAX: (919)962-1547


MicroNews Editor

Inga Holl Musselman

Chemistry Program, BE 26

University of Texas at Dallas

P. O. Box 830688

Richardson, TX 75083-0688

(214)690-2706 FAX: (214)690-2925


(for Federal Express or UPS)

Chemistry Program, BE 26

University of Texas at Dallas

2601 North Floyd Road

Richardson, TX 75083


Sustaining Membership Committee

Jack L. Worrall


University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA 90089-0101



Tour Speakers Coordinator

Paul Hlava (see Directors)

(505)844-1890 FAX: (505)844-1778 or 7910





L. S. Birks (Deceased)

I. B. Borovskii (Deceased)

Raimond Castaing

Arthur A. Chodos

V. E. Cosslett (Deceased)

Peter Duncumb

Charles E. Fiori (Deceased)

Theodore Hall

K. F. J. Heinrich

James Hillier

L. L. Marton (Deceased)

Robert E. Ogilvie

Jean Philibert

Stephen J. B. Reed

Gunji Shinoda (Deceased)

David B. Wittry

Georges Slodzian




G. W. Bailey

Harvey Freeman

William Fricke

Paul Lublin

J. Williams





Greg Meeker

US Geological SurveyMS903

Denver Federal Center

Box 25046

Denver, CO 80225

(303)236-1081 FAX: (303)236-1414



Ted Anastas

Anastas Technical Services

17300 Mercury

Houston, TX 77058

(713)488-9736 FAX: (713)488-8543



Thomas Parayil

Allegheny Ludlum Steel

Technical Center

Alabama and Pacific Avenues

Brackenridge, PA 15014

(412)226-6290 FAX: (412)226-6452



Jerry L. Lehman

Express Systems

78 E. Putnam Avenue

Greenwich, CT 06830

(203)629-2211 FAX: (203)629-2711


David L. Bentley

ARL EM Core Facility

University of Arizona

Tucson, AZ 85721

(602)621-5097 FAX: (602)621-1364



Clive Nockolds

Electron Microscope Unit

University of Sydney

Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2006

61-02-692-2351 FAX: 61-02-692-4671



Rod Packwood

MTL - Canmet - EMR

555 Booth Street

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 091, Canada

(613)992-2288 FAX: (613)992-8735



James D. Isner

The Geon Co.

Avon Lake Technical Center

P. O. Box 122

Avon Lake, OH 44012

(216)933-1605 FAX: (216)933-0563





Phillip E. Russell

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Campus Box 7916

North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC 27695-7916

(919)515-7501 FAX: (919)515-6965



Linda Melanson

Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center

P. O. Box 9110

Brandeis University

Waltham, MA 02254-9110

(617)736-2469 FAX: (617)736-2405



Paul Frank Hlava

Division 1822

Sandia National Laboratories

Albuquerque, NM 87185

(505)844-1890 FAX: (505)844-1778



Scott Russell

Department of Botany and Microbiology

University of Oklahoma

770 Van Vleet Oval

Norman, OK 73019

(405)325-6234 FAX: (405)325-7619



Sandra H. Silvers

EM Complex, USDA, ARS, RRC

P. O. Box 5677

Athens, GA 30613

(706)546-3471 FAX: (706)546-3452



Charles Gordon Cleaver, Jr.

GE Vallecitos Nuclear Center

P. O. Box 460 MC V08

Pleasanton, CA 94566

(415)862-4320 FAX: (415)862-4516


Ryna Beth Marinenko

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Bldg. 222, Rm. A113

Gaithersburg, MD 20899

(301)975-3901 FAX: (301)216-1134



Paul Carpenter

Department of Geology


Pasadena, CA 91125

(818)356-6126 FAX: (818)568-0935



Michael Coscio

Medtronics, Inc. / Promeon Division

6700 Shingle Creek Drive

Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

(612)569-1331 FAX: (612)569-1284



Lou Ross

Department of Geological Sciences

University of Missouri - Columbia

101 Geological Sciences Building

Columbia, MO 65211

(314)882-4777 FAX: (314)882-5458



John Mansfield

University of Michigan

North Campus-E.M.A.L.

2455 Hayward Street

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2143

(313)936-3352 FAX: (313)763-5567



Scott Walck

Wright Patterson Air Force Base


(513)255-5791 FAX: (513)255-9019




Our Sustaining Members Contribute Substantial Support to MAS


Electron Microscopy Sciences / Diatome US

321 Morris Road, P. O. Box 251

Fort Washington, PA 19034

(800)523-5874 (215)646-1566 FAX: (215)646-8931

Contact: Carole March / Stacie Kirsch

EM and LM Supplies and Diamond Knives


ElectroScan Corporation

66 Concord Street

Wilmington, MA 01887

(508)988-0055 FAX: (508)988-0062

Contact: Marshall W. Bates, Jr. / Tom Hardt


Energy Beam Sciences

P. O. Box 468, 11 Bowles Road

Agawam, MA 01001

(800)992-9037 (413)786-9322 FAX: (413)789-2786

Contact: Jeffrey A. Ballou / Steven E. Slap

W & LaB6 Filaments, Apertures and EM Supplies


ETP-USA / Electron Detectors, Inc.

1650 Holmes Street, Building C

Livermore, CA 94550

(510)449-8534 FAX: (510)449-8996

Contact: Robert J. Ruscica


FEI Company

7451 N.E. Evergreen Parkway

Hillsboro, OR 97124-5830

(503)640-7500 FAX: (503)640-7509

Contact: Andree Kraker / Doug Rathkey


Fisons Instruments

P. O. Box 1409

San Carlos, CA 94070-1409

(415)591-3600 (508)524-1000

Contact: Joe Robinson / Mike Weiss


Gatan, Inc.

6678 Owens Drive

Pleasanton, CA 94588-3334

(510)463-0200 FAX: (510)463-0204

Contact: Larry Kolodziejski / Christopher Byrne


Geller Microanalytical Laboratory

One Intercontinental Way

Peabody, MA 01960

(508)535-5595 FAX: (508)535-7653

Contact: Joseph D. Geller

4pi Analysis, Inc.

3500 Westgate Drive, Suite 403

Durham, NC 27707

(919)489-1757 FAX: (919)489-1487

Contact: Michael Czysz / Scott Davilla

Mac-based EDS & Imaging, Hardware and Software


Advanced MicroBeam, Inc.

4217 C Kings-Graves Road

Vienna, OH 44473

(216)394-1255 FAX: (216)394-1834

Contact: Donald P. Lesher

Microprobe Service and Acc., Image Analysis


Amray, Inc.

160 Middlesex Turnpike

Bedford, MA 01730

(617)275-1400 FAX: (617)275-0740

Contact: Kenneth Benoit / Sheldon Moll

Manufacturer of Scanning Electron Microscopes


Cameca Instruments, Inc.

2001 West Main Street

Stamford, CT 06902-4853

(203)348-5252 FAX: (203)348-5516

Contact: Andrew Davis / Claude Conty

EPMA, SIMS, Analytical SEM, and FE/Auger


Charles Evans & Associates

301 Chesapeake Drive

Redwood City, CA 94063


Contact: Donald H. Wayne / David A. Reed

Service Analysis Lab, Mass Spec., RBS


Dapple Systems

355 West Olive, Suite 100

Sunnyvale, CA 94086

(408)733-3283 FAX: (408)736-2350

Contact: William Stewart

EDS Systems, Image Capture and Analysis


Denton Vacuum, Inc.

2 Pin Oak Avenue

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

(609)424-1012 FAX: (609)424-0395

Contact: George Lutz / James L. Campbell

Vacuum Coaters and Critical Point Dryers




HNU X-ray Systems, Inc.

160 Charlemont Street

Newton, MA 02161-9987

(800)724-5600 (617)964-6690 FAX: (617)965-5812

Contact: Therese Hipple / Eugene Martin


Horiba Instruments, Inc.

Micro-Analytical Division

1080 East Duane, Suite A

Sunnyvale, CA 94086

(408)730-4772 FAX: (408)730-8975

Contact: Nancy A. Wolfe



11 Dearborn Road

Peabody, MA 01960

(508)535-5900 FAX: (508)536-2205

Contact: Robert Santorelli / Charles Nielsen

EPMA, Auger, SEM, TEM, NMR, Mass Spectrometer


Kratos Analytical, Inc.

535 E. Crescent Avenue

Ramsey, NJ 07446

(201)825-7500 FAX: (201)825-8659

Contact: David Surman


R. J. Lee Group, Inc.

350 Hochberg Road

Monroeville, PA 15146

(412)325-1776 FAX: (412)733-1799

Contact: David Crawford / Albert H. Beebe


Leica Instruments, Inc.

111 Deer Lake Road

Deerfield, IL 60015

(800)248-0123 (708)405-0123 FAX: (708)405-8139

Contact: Larry Bruder / Robert Brandom


Materials Analytical Services, Inc.

3597 Parkway Lane, Suite 250

Norcross, GA 30092

(800)421-8451 (404)448-3200 FAX: (404)368-8256

Contact: Mark Rigler / Bill Longo



McCrone Associates, Inc.

850 Pasquinelli Drive

Westmont, IL 60559

(708)887-7100 FAX: (708)887-7417

Contact: Kent L. Rhodes / John Gavrilovic

Materials Characterization & Surface Analysis


Micron, Inc.

3815 Lancaster Pike

Wilmington, DE 19805

(302)998-1184 FAX: (302)998-1836

Contact: James F. Ficca, Jr.

Analytical Services OM, SEM/EDS, TEM, & EPMA


Microspec Corporation

45950 Hotchkiss Street

Fremont, CA 94539

(510)656-8820 FAX: (510)656-8944

Contact: Joseph Carr / William D. Donnelly

Wavelength-Dispersive Spectrometers for SEMs


Nissei Sangyo America, Ltd.

Hitachi Scientific Instruments

460 E. Middlefield Road

Mountain View, CA 94043

(415)969-1100 FAX: (415)961-7259

Contact: Donna Armanino / Hideo Naito

SEM, TEM, & Field-Emission SEM and TEM


NORAN Instruments, Inc.

2551 W. Beltline Highway

Middleton, WI 53562

(608)831-6511 FAX: (608)836-7224

Contact: Karen Roscoe / Mary Ales


Ovonic Synthetic Materials Co., Inc.

1788 Northwood

Troy, MI 48084

(800)366-1299 (313)362-1290 FAX: (313)362-4043

Contact: Susan Mamros / Nick Grupido


Oxford Instruments, Inc.

Microanalysis Group

601 Oak Ridge Turnpike

Oak Ridge, TN 37830

(800)769-3673 (615)483-8405 FAX: (615)483-5891

Contact: Graham Bird / Ron Sartin


Ted Pella, Inc.

P. O. Box 492477

Redding, CA 96049-2477


Contact: Robert B. Evans



Physical Electronics Division

6509 Flying Cloud Drive

Eden Prairie, MN 55344

(800)328-7515 (612)828-6100 FAX: (612)828-6322

Contact: Greg Carpenter




Philips Electronic Instruments

85 McKee Drive

Mahwah, NJ 07430


Contact: Nathan Little / John S. Fahy


Princeton Gamma-Tech

1200 State Road

Princeton, NJ 08540

(609)924-7310 FAX: (609)924-1729

Contact: Doug Skinner

EDS & Image Analysis for EM and OM


SEM / TEC Laboratories, Inc.

4824 South 35th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85040

(602)276-6138 FAX: (602)276-4558

Contact: Sam Giallanza / Ed Holdsworth

Materials & Failure Analysis Service Lab.


Spectra-Tech / Nicolet

652 Glenbrook Road, P. O. Box 2190-G

Stamford, CT 06906


Contact: Jerry Hare / John A. Reffner

FT-IR Microscopes, Spectrometers, & Access.


SPI Supplies / Structure Probe, Inc.

569 E. Gay Street, P. O. Box 656

West Chester, PA 19381-0656

(800)242-4774 (215)436-5400 FAX: (215)436-5755

Contact: Kim Royer / Andrew Blackwood


C. M. Taylor Co.

1140 Blair Avenue

Sunnyvale, CA 94087

(408)245-4229 FAX: (408)732-1104

Contact: Ferren De Kildow / Dr. C. M. Taylor

Microprobe Analysis, Taylor Multi-Element Std


Topcon Technologies, Inc.

6940 Koll Center Parkway

Pleasanton, CA 94566-3100

(800)538-6850 (510)462-2212 FAX: (510)846-2803

Contact: Michael McCarthy / Frank Mannino

Digital SEM and UHR Digital SEM & TEM


Topometrix Corporation

5403 Betsy RossDrive

Santa Clara, CA 95054

(408)982-9700 FAX: (408)982-9751

Contact: Tony Abbis / Paul West

Complete Line of Scanning Probe Microscopes


Carl Zeiss, Inc.

Electron Optical Division

One Zeiss Drive

Thornwood, NY 10594

(800)356-1090 FAX: (800)681-7443

Contact: Paul Henry / Frank Coccla

Transmission & Scanning Electron Microscopes

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