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MAS President’s Message: Beginning of the Golden age, a road to Diamond

A message from Masashi Watanabe, the MAS President

Current, Former and Future Presidents of MASDear MAS Members,

      Hope you enjoy the rest of summer and get ready for the new fiscal year. Hopefully you could attend to the Microscopy and Microanalysis (M&M) 2017 meeting in St. Louis in August 6-10 and joined us to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MAS. In addition to the MAS 50th anniversary, the Microscopy Society of America (MSA) also celebrated their 75th anniversary and the international field emission societies celebrated the 50 years of atom probe as well. Congratulations All! It turned out that this meeting is the second biggest M&M meeting ever with nearly 3000 attendees. I would like to thank the program chair Jay Potts, the MSA co-chair Yoosuf Picard (Yoosuf is one of MAS directors!) and the MAS co-chair Kat Crispin (Kat is another MAS director!) for their tremendous efforts to lead the successful meeting.

In this meeting, 40 students received the M&M2017 distinguished students award together with the MSA. The MAS-sponsored and MSA-sponsored Awardees can be found in online (here and here, respectively). Additionally, four MAS outstanding paper awards were selected from presentations in the M&M 2016 meeting and celebrated. The MAS Presidential Service and Science Award winners this year are Dan Kremser (for the 2nd time! First time was for his contributions to the society as the membership service chair and this time is for his further contributions as the treasurer) and Mike Miller for his excellent Atom probe studies. The K.F.J. Heinrich young scientist award was given to Andy Herzing. Finally, Tom Kelly (the past President of MAS) received the Peter Duncumb Award for excellent microanalysis for his dedicated work to develop the new atom probe instruments and techniques. In fact, niche field ion microscopy has been LEAPed to a new field called Atom Probe Tomography by Tom’s work! Congratulations on All Awardees! The details of those awards can be found in the Awards page in the MAS web site as well.

 One of the highlights in this meeting was Anniversary talk series. There were four Anniversary speakers and Dale Newbury was the MAS Anniversary speaker. Dale gave a fantastic talk on “Happy 51st Anniversary, MAS” from the past to the future of microanalysis/characterization. His talk slides can be obtained here. In addition to Dale’s Anniversary talk, we had a symposium dedicated to the MAS 50th Anniversary chaired by Julie Chouinard (MAS director), Paul Carpenter (former MAS President) and Ed Vicenzi (former MAS President).

I would like to share a picture taken at the Presidential reception. You might recognize many faces in this picture, which is one of the memorial shots of the Past Presidents, the President-elect Rhonda Stroud and myself. I would like to acknowledge all the past Presidents of the society and all the members for their kind supports and dedicated contributions to the Society. Without them, the Society could never achieve the 50th Anniversary!

One more thing, I would like to mention about this image. As you can see, there is an empty seat at the center of the first raw. Dave Williams proposed to make the empty seat just before this shot was taken. Dave said that this seat is for Joe Goldstein. What a wonderful idea, indeed! Actually, the first research article I ever read was Joe’s paper on characterization of diffusion couple by an analytical electron microscope (I was a senior undergraduate student at Kyushu University in Japan). Yes, Joe’s paper is my origin and my research life had begun since then! Some of you might have similar experiences, inspired by senior researchers’ spirits. Besides Joe’s spirit, sprits of all the former Presidents and members are with us. Our papers, our talks and our society activities might inspire younger generations, who could be the future MAS members and the future MAS Presidents!

At the business meeting, Mike Nagorka (membership service chair) informed us that the society has 504 members! It is indeed an excellent news to all of us, especially at the 50th Anniversary. I do believe this could be a beginning of the GOLDen age of the Society towards the 75th anniversary (Diamond) or further. In fact, gold is written as and diamond is as 剛石 (means very strong stone!) in Japanese, i.e. gold with strength becomes diamond in terms of the Chinese character expression in Japanese (presumably same in Chinese as well). Due to tremendous support and dedicated contributions to the Society by the former members and Past Presidents, we could celebrate the 50th Anniversary and can stand as we are. It is now our tern to keep the shiny and attractive Society. Furthermore, let’s make the Society even stronger towards the 75th diamond anniversary!


Masashi Watanabe

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