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The HMSA file format has been finalized!

As a MAS member, you might be familiar with the EMSA or MSA file format to describe a spectrum. Now, we routinely use spectrum-imaging datasets, which are for example data cubes consist of spectra from two dimensional areas or data cubes of multiple images at different energies. However, there have not been standard file-format to efficiently describe and share those spectrum-imaging datasets or more generally hyper-spectral datasets. The MSA/MAS/AMAS HyperDimensional Data File (for short HMSA) format working group, mainly Aaron Torpy (CSIRO Australia), Mike Kundmann (e-Metrikos, USA), Nicholas C. Wilson (CSIRO Australia), Colin M. MacRae (CSIRO Australia) and Nestor J. Zaluzec, the Chair (Argonne National Laboratory, USA), has finalized the HMSA file format, which is applicable to spectrum-image datasets by X-ray energy dispersive spectrometry, electron energy-loss spectrometry and cathodoluminescence spectrometry, and hyper-image maps such as electron backscattered diffraction maps and convergent beam electron diffraction maps (a.k.a 4D STEM map), etc.

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